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Nakke Van Loo Brightness News

Nakke Van Loo

Nature Is My Love

Nakke, could you tell us a little bit about your background and how you got into illustration? Is it something you have always done?

Art was rather a late calling. Even as a child I wasn’t into drawing. On the contrary, I was an outdoor kid: hanging in trees, building camps, treasure hunts,…. That was more my kind of play. Only at a later age, in my twenties, I accidentally got into design. After having followed a ‘Shoe Design’ training in Italy, I continued to design & sell shoes for the next 20 years. Especially designing these shoes could be considered as the breeding grounds for my creativity.
But only a few years ago, after being diagnosed with breast cancer, I realized I needed to seize this opportunity and take the time to search for my real passion. Art it was!
I enrolled at the Academy of Arts and started the ‘Illustrative Design’ classes even before starting the treatment.

What made you want to become an artist?

It definitely wasn’t a conscious choice nor an objective. Sometimes I’m still somewhat surprised to being considered as an artist by my relatives and friends. Especially since I’m still evolving and developing my own visual language.
However, I do find it very satisfying to be able to share my perception of the world through art with others.