Mariacarla Taroni

Mariacarla Taroni

Mariacarla Taroni

Mariacarla Taroni works in Faenza and studied at the “Minardi.
She achieved many important recognitions and her works have been shown in Italy and foreign countries, too.
She draws her inspiration from the world around her.
She brings the reality that she lives into her fantasy world where the people turn into animals.
In every work there is a message and a wish to touch the observer and to interact with him.

Her works have been shown to Forlì, Genoa, Imola, Paris, Ravenna, Modena, Ferrara, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Vancouver, Naples, Murano, Timisoara, Zacatecas, Carpi, Buenos Aires, Budapest, Pescara, Lodz, Brussels, Milan, Rome, Berlin, London, New York, Reggio Emilia, Gliwice, Campobasso, L’Aquila, Subotica, Fabriano, …

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1) Tell us about yourself, when did you start to dedicate to the world of illustration?

Since I was a child I always liked to draw, as a teenager I fell in love with a well-known Italian cartoon character, Lupo Alberto and I enjoyed playing it recreating stories and real situations of friends. In 1991 and 1992 I participated in the competition “The Young People Meet Europe” of RAI (national radio and television broadcaster) winning both editions with artwork and this made me understand that I had to carry on my passion for art.

2) Do you have art studies, or were you self- taught?

When the following year I enrolled in the evening Municipal T. Minardi Drawing School I wanted to make comics, but then I discovered new worlds, with new artistic techniques, such as chalcographic engraving, which led me to the path of illustration. I’ve always had creativity, but thanks to my teacher, Professor Ferretti was able to express my style, my personality and create my own characters.

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