Amalia Restrepo

Amalia Restrepo

The project for COMFAMA

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Comfama is a Colombian company that delivers health, education, housing, culture and recreation to the people of Antioquia.

On December 2018, Comfama came up with the idea of a Christmas Park where families could go and spend a day together, having nice food, going to Christmas concerts, playing volleyball, reading, skating on a synthetic ice rink etc. 

The overall feeling the client wanted was very welcoming and very traditional and the main goal of the park was that people could go and write their new years resolutions on huge illustrated walls. They called the brief “The Resolution Forest” they gave me only one theme in particular for one of the panels and that was the “profession or work panel” where I had to showcase different people, doing different jobs. Other than that is was pretty wide open. 

I designed 6 square panels. 3 square meters each that functioned as individual pieces but put together would work as one huge illustration. 

I started by thinking first and foremost about the traditional Medellin holiday. traditional houses, traditional food, families sitting together, our loved and famous “metro cable” etc. 

I love adding some magic to my work, especially if it’s for a theme that really calls for it and I thought that this could be a very fun piece if I let it fly, so to set an example, I thought about how people here look out their house windows a lot and talk to their neighbours from window to window, and I translated that into the forest and created a neighbourhood in the forest. Light is very important here as well so I tried to add a lot of light elements as well as our amazing mountains and of course dancing! 

The final illustrations were used as panels but also every element was an individual Photoshop layer so we also used them for the food court, the bathrooms, cut out characters for people to take pictures with etc.