Happiness Vs Coronavirus | Brightness Magazine

Happiness Vs Coronavirus | Brightness Magazine

Happy Happiness Day​

Happy Happiness Day

Let’s celebrate the international happiness day against Coronavirus. We are quite fragile these days because of this tiny virus, but it’ll be omitted sooner if each of us takes a few steps and immune our body by taking enough vitamins, staying at home and of course, being happy. To do that Brightness team invites you to the campaign #happiness_vs_coronavirus by taking a selfie with a beautiful smile and send it to brightnessmagazinee@gmail.com. Brightness team will make a short video based on the photos. The video will go viral in March 20 by Brightness magazine. We also invite you to publish the video and your photo by adding the hashtag below them. Can't wait to see your photos soon. Deadline: March 17, 2020

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