silent book contest

silent book contest



Soojin Kwak is south-korean illustrator of children’s book.

She was born in South Korea, where she grew up in a big family. Her house was always crowded with relatives with whom she used to play football or instruments – especially violin and piano. But her favourite moment of the day was when she could read books alone. She loved the creative characters of the stories, enjoying them in their imaginative and special journeys. She studied Korean painting firstly at the Art High School, then at the Ewha University in Seoul. Her illustrations have been influenced by Korean painting style, with a focus on soft lines and colouring and a special attention to details. Once achieved her studies, she moved to London to discover new cultures and arts. Since she had never been abroad before, that experience widened her horizons and gave her the chance to look at diversity and uniqueness. Living as a stranger in a distant country was inspiring because everything was new and challenging. Now she lives in Seoul, a complex and crowded city. She likes to watch the dawn daydreaming, in places where people do not sleep. Her goal is to fill up with colours that corner of the world which is covered in ash, carrying her imagination on a blank paper. Her illustrations are drawn with digital brushes and textures. This is her first book.

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