Call for Art: Amplified Voices

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Call for Art: Amplified Voices runs until Aug. 31 and the selected pieces will be featured across all of our beer brands and labels this coming fall.

We believe in the power of creativity and community. Creative expression can present new perspectives, be disruptive and challenge the status quo. We’re launching a Call for Art to provoke challenging topics and create space for groups that are too often left in the margins.

Our Call for Art: Amplified Voices, is specifically geared towards art dealing with the issues of social justice. This can include protest art, art from BIPOC artists, artwork that deals with topics of equity/inequity, and artwork that conveys a sense of hope for a safer and more inclusive future. Making beer has given us platform and we understand that this is a privilege most don’t get to enjoy. There is an undeniable global call to action to fight injustice – particularly anti-black violence and inequality faced by BIPOC around the world. We intend to use our platform to amplify the voices that need to be heard to drive change. 

As always, we encourage artists to submit work that has been already produced as we respect the time and effort it takes to create work.


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