Culture of Solidarity

Culture of Solidarity

Culture of Solidarity

Culture of Solidarity is a creative challenge by Fine Acts, supported by the European Cultural Foundation. The project aims to foster a creative space to produce emotional, compelling visuals that bring to life a common vision for a better future.

We’ve already commissioned 27 artists (one representing each EU member state) to create new works on European Solidarity. Today, we are opening a call to the creative community, for previously created works that reinforce solidarity and deal with the aftermath of the pandemic in European societies.

We believe that the coronavirus crisis can be a strong catalyst for the European idea as it reveals the fundamental necessity for collective action, unity, and a culture and practice of solidarity. At the same time, the crisis has demonstrated the danger of increasing nationalist sentiments, growing authoritarianism, closing borders, and crackdown on civil liberties. There is an urgent need for uplifting messages of unity, togetherness and solidarity that would reinforce the feeling of belonging and the idea of Europe as a shared space. 

The call is for original, but previously created works. If you feel a creative urge to design and submit a new work – this is great, but absolutely not required.

If your works are selected, we will upload them under a Creative Commons license on – Fine Acts’ global platform for free socially engaged visuals, so that nonprofits, activists and citizens can use and adapt them non-commercially to spread the message of solidarity and unity in their community and country.

We will also award 20 of the open call authors with 100 EUR each. A jury panel will select the notable recipients who will also get an award certificate.

All selected illustrators in the open call will receive a unique printable merch pack and worldwide distribution and promotion.

Before submitting,please read our short but vital FAQ.

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