Brightness Monthly Contest: Grandparent

Brightness Monthly Contest is an international competition held on a monthly basis to provide skilled artists with a chance to show their talents. Each month there will be a different judge assessing illustrations based on the current theme. 15 artworks will be chosen to be published in our magazine (Brightness Gallery Section) providing greater exposure to art directors from around the world. It is open to all art directors, designers, illustrators, photographers and fine artists in all countries.

Guest Curator: Mark Janssen

All judging is done digitally so our curator doesn’t know the identity of our entrants.

Artworks will only be accepted if they are formatted in the following manner:

Each file should be RGB, JPG Format, 2000 pixels (the longest side) on 150 dpi.
JPG, RGB colour, without watermarks.
File Size must be Under 2MB


July 15, 2021




Winners will be featured in print and our online gallery, receive a free publication and have a choice to receive a PDF certificate. The winner’s portfolio will be featured in the next issue.

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